Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vacancy For Senior Welding Inspector


Aku ada berita baik kepada penganggur dan juga kepada sesiapa yang ingin mencari kerja baru. Sesiapa yang rasa nak kerja kat Vietnam dan berkelayakkan seperti requirement di bawah bolehlah emailkan resume kepada syj_orange@yahoo.co.uk

Requirement :

  • CSWIP 3.2 ( Senior Welding Inspector),
  • Radiograph Interpretation Certification,
  • AUT Certification.
  • Experience In handling 13% cr Material
  • Experience In handling CRA Material
  • Minimum 7 Year exp√©riences
  • Familiar with Code and Standards : DNV-OS-F101, DNV –RP-E305, DNV-RP-H101, DNV–2000
  • RP 14J,
  • RP 17A(ISO 13628-1),
  • RP 17H(ISO 13628-8),
  • RP 171,
  • ASME B16.5,16.9, 16.25, 16.34, V, VIII, IX,
  • IMCA C 002,3 & 4
  • Willing to work offshore.(VIETNAM)
  • Valid Offshore Medical Report
  • Shall report to QA/QC Engineer and is responsible for all coordination and compilation of all construction QA/QC documentation.
  • Shall be required to coordinate the inspectors to work locations.
  • Shall be responsible to coordinate and submit the QA/QC reports for all works immediately after implementation.
  • Shall be responsible for quality documentations preparation, review, internal approval and client’s approval. 
  • Shall implement quality activities such as QA/QC programs, audits and coaching of the inspection team.
  • Any other duties and responsibilities as assigned from time to time.
  • You will visually verify that the incoming materials have met the requirements for welding works, such as quality and dimensional tolerance levels, witnessing qualifying tests for welders as required.
  • From time to time, you will be required to act as an internal independent party to conduct inspection of such nature.
  • As part of this role, you will also conduct inspection and tests on fixtures, structures and other installation works, in line with the International codes and Standard, at our vendors’ shop facilities/work-sites.
  • Additionally, you will prepare and compile quality, inspection and non-conforming reports throughout projects, and follow up on necessary corrective actions.
  • In addition, you will monitor the performance of welders, while implementing and monitoring proper storage and usage procedures for welding tools and equipment.
  • Liaising with NDT subcontractors on the viewing and interpretation of radiography films will also be an important aspect of this role.

Semoga korang dapat pekerjaan yang korang inginkan. Amin....


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