Friday, February 25, 2011

Coping With Stress

Ak memang sangat stress dengan kerenah anak-anak ak. Yang abang asyik bising je, yang adik asyik tak boleh tidur. Time adik menangis, time tu lah abang nak makan tu, nak ini dan bising. Bila adik tidur, makin seronoklah dia buat hempas-hempas mainan dia. Seksa jiwa ak. Ak ada baca cara-cara nk cope ngan stress daripada Ak akan cuba mengikut cara ini supaya stress ak kurang sikit. Ak share benda ni untuk korang bole follow sekali.

Take care to get enough rest. Sleep deprivation makes anyone's day harder to cope with, so try and catch up on sleep during the day if you can. Perhaps ask a friend to mind your baby. If you do not feel able to sleep during the day, at least sit down with a hot drink and "switch off" instead of rushing around with the vacuum cleaner. You may find you need to bring your usual bedtime forward an hour or two for a while, too.

Eat a healthy, well balanced diet. Good nutrition is very important now with all the demands upon your body. Food is fuel for energy and the immune system and therefore helps stop you becoming run down.

Relax. Techniques that you learned antenatally can be a great help in keeping muscle tension under control, and a quick relaxation can go a long way toward restoring calm and giving you more energy. With a bit of practise you can do it anywhere and anytime. There are relaxation tapes on the market that can be a good aid to learning a new technique as well as a way of not having to think about it yourself.

Exercise. Exercise is good for your physical and mental well being and can actually give you more energy to cope with the rigours of your day. It also triggers the release of endorphins, which are our body's own "feel good" chemicals. Postnatal exercise needs to be appropriate, controlled, and progressive for it to be safe and beneficial. It's best to wait until you have had your postnatal check before you start any formal exercise, but go ahead and investigate locally to find out if there are any postnatal exercise groups, appropriate water exercise classes, or even yoga classes in your area. Always tell the teacher that you have just had a baby. Or, if joining a group is not your thing, then tuck your baby in the pushchair and simply go out for a brisk walk - it's good, invigorating exercise. There are also some good postnatal exercise books and videos for sale.

Make time for yourself. Even the most demanding full-time job comes with time off, and motherhood should be no exception! Time away from the stresses allows you to come back refreshed. You don't even need to leave the house - have a soak in the bath, or hide yourself away for an hour and read a book. If you miss things like lunching with friends, see if you can arrange a regular babysit for a couple of hours, or do a "child swap" with a friend so that you can both alternate time off. Get a facial, a massage or indulge in some window shopping!

Talk about it. One of the best stress-busters is to share your worries with someone. In fact, having a proper conversation with someone can give you a real lift. Unfortunately, though, it is often one part of a relationship (whether it's your husband, family or friends) that can suffer when you're exhausted and under strain. Remember: The adjustments that you are making as a new parent will also be happening in your husband's life. Sharing your thoughts and feelings can make you a stronger couple

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